Marion Wagner Chair and Governance

Marion Wagner Chair and Governance

Chevone Petersen MID Manager

Chevone Petersen MID Manager

Karen Hultzer Vice Chair & Cleaning

Marion’s passion for development has seen her contribute to various organisations since she left the corporate sector in 2011. She currently holds the position of Director at Breadline Africa.

Her volunteer activity includes that of firefighting with Volunteer Wildfire Services, Safer Together and the Muizenberg Community Safety Initiative (MCSI). She’s been active in developing relationships across various City departments with specific focus on Social Development and Law Enforcement.

Marion’s experience and ability to lead whilst also uplifting and nurturing others, and her recognition of the importance of relationship development will add value to the overall management of the MID in her role as Chair.

Chevone is the only MID employee and has her finger on the pulse with all things MID related. She keeps abreast with all portfolio related strategies and ideas and links it all together to ensure it meets with the overall objectives and mandate of the MID.

She also plays a key role in stakeholder relations ranging across diverse platforms and divisions. Her role also focusses on statutory compliance and overall management of the company, whilst offering guidance and support to the MID portfolio team, and believes in community resource mobilisation.

Chevone enjoys spending time outdoors, is an avid write and her volunteer work includes advocacy and support for parents of children with hearing loss.

A horticulturist, landscaper, sculptor, coach and Olympic archer, a Director who wears many hats! She’s been a Muizenberg resident for 16 years and during this time has consulted with MID on many environmental and landscaping projects, with specific focus on linking mountain and vlei with local waterwise plants, and thus fauna as well.

Karen is also actively involved in the Muizenberg Community Safety Initiative (MCSI) and believes that the road to uplifting Muizenberg lies within community involvement in all areas, and building good communication channels and relationships with all stakeholders, including service providers.

Kevin Rack Environmental Upliftment

Megan Cross Public Spaces

Megan Cross Public Spaces

Growing up in Muizenberg, and after living abroad for 26 years, Kevin returned home in 2014 and immediately started getting involved in various community initiatives. These initiatives include volunteering with Believe in Schatzi Organisation, Marine Estate Neighbourhood Watch (and MCSI), Muizenberg Festival, Muizenberg Partnership and Muizenberg Beach and Zandvlei Cleanups driving various clean-up events around the vlei and beach.
His technical aptitude and interest in online development and design is evident in his professional work as a web developer and photographer. Kevin has shown a keen interest in the destitute residents of Muizenberg, and has over the years engaged with this stakeholder group. Together with the MID social worker he will continue to advocate for intervention services and will highlight the need for government and provincial intervention while also advocating for responsible giving in Muizenberg.
Megan is the force behind Believe in Schatzi Organisation, a local Muizenberg NPO which has highlighted Muizenberg as an adaptive surfing destination for young children and adults with special needs.

Her interest in accessibility and considerations for how the built environment and recreational areas (and lack of maintenance) impacts on the quality of life, makes her a good fit for this portfolio.

Megan is also an avid surfer, special needs advocate and eager to learn from the MID team whilst also sharing her creative perspective and solutions driven approach with the team.

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