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Every year, for the past 30 odd, has been a time when locals prepare for the surge of visitors, family and friends who see our amazing village by the sea as their prime holiday destination. The swell of visitors becomes a tsunami wave of bodies when the season peaks on the two most frequented public […]

Muizenberg Public Safety

“When we work together then we are organised crime fighters” commented Maruwaan, one of the many volunteers from the Grassy Park Diaz Village Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) who supported law enforcement efforts from 04h:30 on 25 and 26 December in Muizenberg. Law Enforcement and MID were elated when neighbourhood watches heeded the call for volunteers to […]

MID Public Safety

While everyone is getting ready to kick off their shoes and enjoy the beaches, the Muizenberg Improvement District (MID) has been actively reviewing and planning for the influx of thousands of people! Public safety and cleaning takes priority during the Festive Season, with all parties; the City, Provincial and community structures, working together to ensure […]


Muizenberg Improvement District held its annual general meeting on Thursday 23 November with a quorum of 60 members, present in person and proxy, out of the current 289-strong membership. Aside from the usual business of AGM’s there were 2 significant decisions made: LPR and CCTV Camera Funding It was proposed that R100,000 surplus funds be […]


Property owners within the MID boundary – sign up as MID members and have your say! The Muizenberg Improvement District will be holding its annual AGM this month and you’re invited: Date:                Thursday 23 November 2017 Time:               17h30 for 18h00 Venue:             Muizenberg Bowling Club, Muizenberg Park, Main Road, Muizenberg But remember that, even though MID […]


We encourage you to consider partnering with MID Social Development for event clean-up and set-up support. Giving a hand-up, not a hand-out. Herewith a letter received from Cape Mental Health (CMH) in recognition of the cleaning and set-up support services facilitated by MID, creating job opportunities for local residents living on the streets of Muizenberg. […]


Crime in the MID area fluctuates from month to month and it would be imprudent to read too much into these “trends” but at the same time the past 3 months do seem to indicate higher than usual criminal activity in the neighbourhood, and during the month of September, 4 of the 22 criminal incidents […]

MID Beach Huts

MID met with City Coastal Management on Tuesday 03 October to discuss the process regarding the future of the 48 huts on the Muizenberg coastline. These are the next steps and your input is required! Engagement with the City The City now invites ideas and proposals for how the huts can be used in a […]

Gary Theron aka Donald Redditt

The Muizenberg Improvement District operates in public space, and therefore public safety refers to improving the safety of ALL people engaging with the public space environment. On Friday 29 September, Gary Theron, a homeless Muizenberg resident for more than ten years, left us with a powerful message. The lack of response from government services when […]

Muizenberg Festival Logo 2017

It’s time! The Muizenberg Festival has already started, and there are 10 full days of entertainment, stimulation, education and fun left! The full calendar of events is available via and in fact this year (if you’re an Apple user) you can even synchronize your iOS mobile calendar to make sure you know what’s on […]

MID Public Safety

Did you know that over 50% of the crime incidents responded to by MID’s Public Safety were reported via WhatsApp in August? It’s that easy… WhatsApp MID Public Safety directly on 060 850 6260, or even better… Join MCSI (your local neighbourhood watch) and you’ll be added to the MCSI Alerts WhatsApp Group which is […]

Officer Lucinda (centre) and Officer Troy (left) pictured here with the MID Public Safety Team, 
Councillor Aimee Kuhl and MCSI Chair Henrik Daugbjerg.

Fighting the criminal elements operating on the Muizenberg / St James walkway requires multiple approaches. In addition to the MID’s ongoing collaboration with Metrorail to clean up hotspots, we’re very pleased to tell you that on Thursday 14 September Councillor Aimee Kuhl introduced the MID public safety team and MCSI’s Chair to two new dedicated […]

MID / Metrorail Clean-up

In response to the recent spate of opportunistic criminal  activity on the Muizenberg / St. James catwalk, MID and Metrorail have been cooperating quite closely to look at “red flag zones” in need of attention – both to aid visibility in the area for walkers, and to limit spaces available for opportunistic criminals to hide. […]


Pretty Pride and MID partnered to run a Ladies Art Workshop on 31 August this Women’s Month. Pretty Pride’s mission is “empowering women through art” and their objective is to teach women art design and production skills to build self-esteem foster financial independence. The All Saints Anglican Church Hall was kindly made available and 14 […]

Believe in Schatzi Accessibility Challenge highlights the disabling obstruction caused by signage in Atlantic Road.

Megan Cross and Kevin Rack of MID are on a mission! There’s a lot of building and maintenance going on in and around Muizenberg – improvements (which is nice) or fixes (which are needed) – but the big question is “are these improvements compliant with building regulations – are they UNIVERSALLY ACCESSIBLE?” And this is […]


The City of Cape Town offers a free recycling service in some suburbs in Cape Town – it’s called “Think Twice”, and it makes the whole prospect of recycling so much easier: separate your recyclables, put them out on the same day as your other rubbish, and they’re collected by a recycling contractor. Unfortunately the […]

MID Social Development

The MID Social Development team are living proof of the truism “you can eat an elephant – just do it one bite at a time”. Social issues and their solutions are complex for many reasons: They stem from so many factors including physical, physiological, psychological, economic, historic, etc. They involve human beings – each one […]

MID Public Safety

July was a concerning month for public safety, with five muggings in the MID area. This excludes the muggings that took place outside the MID boundary at Sunrise Circle and on the catwalk from Muizenberg Beach to St James. It’s a sobering thought and a warning to all of us to be vigilant when out […]

MID Beach Huts

Tuesday 1 August saw much speculation on social media platforms amidst rumours that the Muizenberg beach huts are to be removed. MID rushed to verify this information with the City, and has received clarification on the matter as follows: “Beach bathing huts at Surfers’ Corner will definitely remain a part of the Muizenberg experience” – […]

MID Responsible Outreach Street Kids

Muizenberg attracts people from all over Cape Town – and as a result it also attracts street children wanting to take advantage of the perceived “economic opportunities” available to them in the suburb that not only hosts residents but also weekenders and tourists. Organizations operating in the area (from surf schools to SAPS) are therefore […]

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