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Muizenberg Safety

During the winter period the MID landscaping team started weeding away in the MID area.  With public safety in mind, it was decided to repair the broken fencing between Milner Road and the railway reserve and cut back the overgrown vegetation to improve visibility for the MID Public Safety Patrollers. These changes along the railway […]

MID Atlantic Road Bridge

A cement mixer was Birdget’s most recent victim and yet another case of driver negligence. However the onus always seems to fall in the hands of City Engineering and Traffic to come up with a solution to this driver negligence.  The cement mixer collided with the bridge at approximately 15h00 and was only cleared by […]

MID Public Safety

During the month of March the MID public safety patrollers responded to two incidents of couples fighting in public. In the one case, a couple fighting while walking to their home in the Village, and in the other case, two car guards. In both cases the victims refused assistance and walked away with their partners. […]

MID Catwalk Site Visit

The MID has been working closely with Law Enforcement on brainstorming solutions to improve public safety and security in the area. One area identified has been the Muizenberg St. James Catwalk and how this links with the MID area. The challenge of patrolling the catwalk has always been the elevated railway line and the Main […]


Muizenberg is a destination.  We need to do what we can to support and guide where possible, the strategic implementation of safety measures that will benefit everyone who enjoys the recreational facilities in and around Muizenberg. It is with this mind-set that the MID has actively engaged with Law Enforcement and Metrorail/PRASA as well as […]

Public Safety

On the morning of March 8th, the Muizenberg community came face-to-face with the impact of gang violence from neighbouring communities when an incident arising from a court appearance spilled out onto the York Road Parking area. Shots were fired and MID Public Safety and SAPS responded swiftly.  The incident was over before many even knew […]


1019 units of alcohol confiscated around the Muizenberg beachfront area on New Year’s Day. Let that sink in, 1019 units! Some of units were confiscated from people leaving the shopping area, making their way to the beachfront. Some from passengers as they disembarked the train station, and then taxi drivers and passengers being fined as […]


Every year, for the past 30 odd, has been a time when locals prepare for the surge of visitors, family and friends who see our amazing village by the sea as their prime holiday destination. The swell of visitors becomes a tsunami wave of bodies when the season peaks on the two most frequented public […]

Muizenberg Public Safety

“When we work together then we are organised crime fighters” commented Maruwaan, one of the many volunteers from the Grassy Park Diaz Village Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) who supported law enforcement efforts from 04h:30 on 25 and 26 December in Muizenberg. Law Enforcement and MID were elated when neighbourhood watches heeded the call for volunteers to […]


Crime in the MID area fluctuates from month to month and it would be imprudent to read too much into these “trends” but at the same time the past 3 months do seem to indicate higher than usual criminal activity in the neighbourhood, and during the month of September, 4 of the 22 criminal incidents […]

Gary Theron aka Donald Redditt

The Muizenberg Improvement District operates in public space, and therefore public safety refers to improving the safety of ALL people engaging with the public space environment. On Friday 29 September, Gary Theron, a homeless Muizenberg resident for more than ten years, left us with a powerful message. The lack of response from government services when […]

MID Public Safety

Did you know that over 50% of the crime incidents responded to by MID’s Public Safety were reported via WhatsApp in August? It’s that easy… WhatsApp MID Public Safety directly on 060 850 6260, or even better, be part of the solution and . . . Join MCSI (your local neighbourhood watch) and you’ll be […]

Officer Lucinda (centre) and Officer Troy (left) pictured here with the MID Public Safety Team, 
Councillor Aimee Kuhl and MCSI Chair Henrik Daugbjerg.

Fighting the criminal elements operating on the Muizenberg / St James walkway requires multiple approaches. In addition to the MID’s ongoing collaboration with Metrorail to clean up hotspots, we’re very pleased to tell you that on Thursday 14 September Councillor Aimee Kuhl introduced the MID public safety team and MCSI’s Chair to two new dedicated […]

MID / Metrorail Clean-up

In response to the recent spate of opportunistic criminal  activity on the Muizenberg / St. James catwalk, MID and Metrorail have been cooperating quite closely to look at “red flag zones” in need of attention – both to aid visibility in the area for walkers, and to limit spaces available for opportunistic criminals to hide. […]

MID Public Safety

July was a concerning month for public safety, with five muggings in the MID area. This excludes the muggings that took place outside the MID boundary at Sunrise Circle and on the catwalk from Muizenberg Beach to St James. It’s a sobering thought and a warning to all of us to be vigilant when out […]

MID Cleaning Team

The Muizenberg Improvement District (MID) public safety and cleaning functions are set to merge from 1 July 2017 and will both be managed by GRIT. The MID cleaning contract was due for review with the new MID financial year starting 1 July, and with the inclusion of the Wherry Road Triangle into the MID boundary […]

MID Crime Prevention Article

MID Public Safety joined forces with the City, SAPS, Law Enforcement and Traffic recently to conduct 2 operations (15 May and 2 June) in and around Muizenberg Park. The objectives were to remove illegally erected structures from the park, conduct high visibility patrols in the surrounding area, and focus on crime prevention. In just one […]

MID Public Safety

In addition to responding to specific crime and by-law incidents during the past month (May 2017 – see map), the MID Public Safety team stepped up their preventive activities, which play a key role in crime prevention. The public safety officer regularly patrol the Albertyn Road, False Bay Station area during peak times, and especially […]

MID Storm Outreach

The mother of all storms hit Cape Town this past week, shocking everyone after a very mild lead-up to winter. Temperatures plummeted and by Wednesday afternoon in addition to rain and wind, it was even hailing in Muizenberg. At 17h25 on Wednesday MID received a report, via local neighbourhood watch group MCSI, that a woman […]

view of Muizenberg

At the beginning of May Councillor Eddie Andrews invited the Special Ratings Areas (“Improvement Districts”), in his area, to get together and brief him on: What’s working What’s not working Long outstanding issues Recommendations The appointment of mini-mayors in January 2017 forms part of the City’s Organisational Development and Transformation Plan (ODTP), which aims to […]