Surfers_ CircleWhat’s Happening with Surfers’ Circle Walk of Fame?

There have been some exciting developments with regard to the traffic circle at Surfers’ Corner! Some of you may remember the hype a few months ago when the official fundraising initiative was launched on 5th April “The Big Jol”.

Since then the MID has had numerous discussions with City Departments, Community Stakeholders, Donors and the general public on how best to ensure the upgrade of this crucial aesthetic landmark at the beachfront and the implementation thereof.

We have recognised that the Surfers’ Circle Walk of Fame project as it stood at the time had two elements to it:

1)    The infrastructure upgrade and upliftment of the environment i.e. greening
2)    The public arts component (a centre piece and walk of fame)

On 3rd June 2014, at a special board meeting, the Muizenberg Improvement District Board of Directors concluded and agreed to partner with the City of Cape Town and the Ward Councillor and take accountability for the infrastructural upgrade (i.e. improve the traffic circle infrastructure as per the project design approved by the City of Cape Town’s Roads Department, signed on 10th May 2012).

The public arts component  (refer to 2) will be carried out by an independent body, currently known as the Surfers’ Circle Team.

The Muizenberg Improvement District is thrilled that the partnership with the City of Cape Town and Ward Councillor D’Alton is coming to fruition! If you take a walk along Surfers’ Corner then you will see that the preparation for the traffic circle upgrade has already commenced and we look forward to completion of this upgrade by the end of 2014.

Issued by Chevone Petersen, Manager, MID


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