BIG News From MID + 2021 Goals

Dear MID Members,

As we forge on into 2021 still plagued by the ‘Curse of Covid’, the above quote, for me, best describes our Muizenberg community.

Businesses have been battered, yet most continue to endure. Residents have felt the hardships, yet still they endure. Organisations helping vulnerable people have been hard-pressed to continue assisting, yet they endure. The MID Board, too, has been challenged during this time, and yet we have not only endured but continue to do so with enthusiasm.

This rare enthusiasm has recently been buoyed by the addition of three new directors: Charles Goodwin (Finance and Government); Mike Romyn (Beachfront); and Clair Timlin (Gardening), who all know Muizenberg well and bring extra hands plus expertise to the Board.

In addition, Cara Dowling, a long-time resident and active community member, joins the board as alternative director for Toby Megaw, who holds the Safety & Security portfolio. Toby is phasing out of his role due to a huge workload this year and we welcome Cara and her experience to the board during this gradual handover.