MID is pleased to announce that on 05 April 2017 final approval was received from the City of Cape Town for the incorporation of the “Wherry Road Triangle” into the MID area. The Triangle includes the properties between Clevedon, Cromer, Henley & Wherry Roads.

Residents from the old MID area as well as the Triangle have been pushing for this boundary extension for some time. It makes sense to those in the neighbourhood because the two areas are seen and experienced as one by residents. And, because the triangle is adjacent to the original MID area, it is logistically very feasible to extend the MID top-up services here.

The application process took nearly 18 months to complete as the City requires an enormous amount of detail about a change like this, its rationale and its intended impact. Towards the end of 2016 the final push made was to get sufficient residents in the Triangle to agree to the proposal, and by December 2016 62% of property owners had signed consent for the change – no mean feat when you consider that it involved hours of door-to-door visits by a group of very committed residents and MID directors! From there the public participation process was advertised and the property owners given opportunity to comment, before the final application was submitted late in December 2016.

The actual implementation will be from 1 July 2017: residents in the Wherry Road Triangle will benefit from the top-up street cleaning services, and the MID public safety patrols which will be extended into the area. But more than this, the incorporation will now enable MID to take a holistic approach to Muizenberg as a whole, including the extension of joint operations with SAPS and Law Enforcement, looking at greening projects, highlighting infrastructure issues to the City and more.

The new boundary also fits logically with the boundaries of the neighbourhood watch MCSI, and will allow the watch to call MID Public Safety for backup when on patrol in the area.

Residents in the Triangle are encouraged to apply to become MID members from 1 July which will then enable them to participate in MID public meetings and AGM’s.


About MID:

The Muizenberg Improvement District [MID] is a geographic area where property owners have contracted to pay a levy to facilitate a joint effort by the City of Cape Town and the local community to ensure more effective management of public areas and to promote business confidence.The MID supplements normal municipal services provided by the City, using its funds to deal with public safety, enhance the environment and address social issues like vagrancy and finding workable solutions for the homeless. The Muizenberg Improvement District is a legal entity established under the City’s Special Rating Areas by-law and also governed by the South African Companies Act 2008.

Enquiries:Chevone Petersenmanager@mid.org.za