Muizenberg’s fight against crime has some unique challenges compared to other areas in Cape Town:

  • Our population in the precinct increased by 72% in just 10 years and continues to grow rapidly, stretching our crime-fighting resources more than is comfortable
  • Our beautiful recreational areas attract many additional visitors in the summer months
  • And we are a suburb with multiple entry and exit points i.e. via mountain, beach, vlei, road and rail.

According to SAPS statistics, in 2014/5 the Muizenberg precinct (Clovelly to Lakeside, Capricorn to Vrygrond and Marina Da Gama to Sheridon Park) accounted for the highest number of contact crimes (953) in the greater Wynberg cluster. This precinct also accounted for the third highest number of property crimes (1,452).

In each case, a complex set of circumstances led to the point where that crime was committed and often, if just one factor was different, there was a possibility that the crime would never have occurred.

How these factors are influenced holds the key to crime prevention.

It starts with YOU!

Sadly, many crimes are opportunistic crimes which can be avoided by being aware of your surroundings and actions:

  • Don’t chat on your phone as you walk down the street
  • Don’t leave your handbag slung over the back of a chair or on the floor at the café
  • Ensure your home is secure, close windows and set the alarm when out

The above sends a message to potential criminals: I am NOT a soft target!

Safety in numbers

Another factor that can profoundly influence whether a crime gets committed or not is community presence:

  • Does the area appear to be monitored physically or by cameras?
  • Is the community responsive to crimes being committed?
  • Do potential criminals feel watched?

MID supports the Muizenberg Community Safety Initiative (MCSI), a local neighbourhood watch comprising of community volunteers active in crime prevention and community safety. MID recently made a contribution towards MCSI’s ongoing community safety efforts, including the establishment of a camera and radio network in addition to active neighbourhood watch patrols.

Join MCSI and get hooked into a network of neighbours and consider participating in various crime prevention initiatives.

You are not alone out there!

MID contracts with GRIT to provide 2 bicycle patrollers and 1 patrol vehicle 24/7 in public spaces. During the festive season (from now until 8 January) there will be 2 additional patrollers in the MID area. The MID patrollers work in close collaboration with MSCI and deal with public safety issues and creates a visible presence in the area. You can call MID Public Safety on 060 850 6260.

SAPS and the community

Our local Muizenberg Police Station services a large area from Clovelly to Lakeside, Capricorn to Vrygrond and Marina Da Gama to Sheridon Park. Yet many success stories emanate from this station – for example a whopping 465 crimes were detected last year as a result of pro-active work. Crime-reporting is critical to the allocation of more SAPS resources in our area so whether you need to claim for insurance or not please always report your crime. You can call Muizenberg SAPS on 021 787 9000.

Law Enforcement and the community

Our local Law Enforcement offices, based at the Muizenberg water slides, covers Clovelly to Zeekoevlei including areas such as Seawinds, Phumlani Village, Capricorn and Pelican Park. To contact Law Enforcement, call 021 596 1999.

To play your part…

Visit Muizenberg Improvement District or Muizenberg Community Safety Initiative for more safety tips as well as information on how you can join in crime-prevention activities in our area.