AGM 2019

Join us on 11 December at 18:00 for our MID Annual General Meeting at The Muizenberg Bowling Club, Muizenberg Park, Main Road, Muizenberg. Registration commences at 17:30. We will need 20% of our membership present to constitute a quorum.

Dear Member

This year, for the first time, all documentation for the AGM will be sent out digitally via email. This will save the cost of printing and sending by registered post and is also in keeping with being greener.

Please be aware that there are a number of very important issues on the Agenda this year. In particular Members will be asked to choose between two different 5 Year Plans, a decision which will materially affect how effective the MID Public Safety service will be. The two versions arise from divisions within the Board which have proved incapable of resolution there.

Both versions are attached in full including a 5 year budget, a Motivation, and an Implementation Plan. These are relatively lengthy, so, to make life easier for Members, a summary of each is also attached which should highlight the major elements of the Public Safety strategy and how they will impact you all.

Please try to read carefully these critical documents.

Peter Corbett
MID Chair



AGM Documents:


CoR 36.2 Notice

AGM Notice with Agenda 2019 for Renewal

Draft AGM Minutes November 18th 2018

Draft Reconvened AGM Minutes December 2018

2019 Financials

MID Business Plan 2020 – 2025

Summary of 5 Year Business Plan

Budget 2020 / 2021

CB Resolution

SF Resolution

MID PROXY Template A4

MID Membership Application Form Company Membership

MID Membership Application Form Private Individual Membership

Following a late change in the date of the AGM to the 11th December there was some confusion about the shut off date for new applications for membership. To clarify, applications (forms can be downloaded from the MID website – Download Private Membership FormDownload Company Membership Form) will be accepted up to midday Friday the 6th of December but not later. They can be emailed to or delivered by hand to 22 Palmer Road.


About MID:

The Muizenberg Improvement District [MID] is a geographic area where property owners have contracted to pay a levy to facilitate a joint effort by the City of Cape Town and the local community to ensure more effective management of public areas and to promote business confidence.

The MID supplements normal municipal services provided by the City, using its funds to deal with crime and grime, enhance the environment and address social issues like vagrancy and finding workable solutions for the homeless. The Muizenberg Improvement District is a legal entity established under the City’s Special Rating Areas by-law and also governed by the South African Companies Act 2008.