The Muizenberg Improvement District (MID) met with Cape Town mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis and his team on the 9th of June to visit some potential sites in Muizenberg for a homeless safe space. We have been working over the last few years to find long-term, sustainable solutions for the homeless who reside in Muizenberg, and recognise that building a safe space is a great stepping stone towards a life off the streets.

We are partnering with UTurn, MES, and Rea Thusana, who all have active, professional, and dignified relationships with those living on the streets. They have extensive experience consulting with homeless persons, home owners, and government agencies.

We are in the preliminary stages of this project. Our meeting with the mayor is only the first step. Once we have established feasibility and have approval from the relevant government agencies, we will begin the engagement process with all stakeholders.

Here’s a summary of our progress to date:
● All stakeholders wish to create long-term, sustainable solutions to address homelessness in Muizenberg, including phased accommodation, service centres, and substance rehabilitation services.
● There is now established recognition and a shared interest with government.
● Potential sites have been identified, but no determinations have been made as to whether any of these sites are feasible.
● We will continue to engage and be transparent with the homeless, as well as homeowners and businesses.

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