Dear Interested and Affected Party

Martin & East resumed construction works on Main Road in the section between Atlantic Road and Casa Labia (the northern section) on 12 January 2015.

Please be reminded that as of Monday, 2 February, the traffic lights at Atlantic Road and Main Road intersection will be disconnected and this intersection will operate as a 4-way and a stop-go will be in place until the completion of the northern section of Phase 3, anticipated to be in May 2015.

Signage and variable messaging boards will inform and direct traffic accordingly.  Signage will also be in place at the intersections of Clairvaux and Main Roads and at Old Boyes Drive and Main Road.  The CCT’s Traffic Signals Department has confirmed that they will increase the green time at the Clairvaux Intersection for south bound vehicles using Boyes Drive.

Pedestrian access to Muizenberg Station will be maintained.  Parking is available for access to shops and offices via York Road and off School Road.

Kind regards

Kim Diedericks
Chand Environmental Consultants
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