MID newsletter – July/August

Dear Members,

I must start this newsletter with an apology for it being a bit late. We have a good reason, though; the Board and I wanted our next newsletter to announce The Big News…the long awaited CCTV surveillance system is being rolled out!

It’s been a long, hard road to get to this point, and we’re all very excited about the potential this high-tech system has to fight crime in the MID-area in real-time (more below).

In other news, almost six months after the March 2020 ‘hard lock-down’ we are still battling to find sustainable solutions to the influx of homeless people to the area. It is a frustrating process, but rest assured MID is working with all stakeholders to find a solution that protects the rights of residents and preserves the dignity of displaced people.

While we are deeply saddened to have seen the closure of businesses in the area – including long-standing restaurants The Empire Café and Gaslight Café – we are heartened by the fact that many businesses are still holding on, thanks in no small part to you, the community, showing them such great support through these troubling times.

We’ve even seen the opening of two new restaurants, The Black Cat Café in York Road and ImagiNext Sushi on Main Road, and we have it on good authority that Palmer Road will soon have a new dumpling-delicious eatery. We wish all these new businesses success and MID’s assurances that we will continue to support all businesses in terms of helping to keep the streets clean, safe and attractive to both visitors and locals alike.