“A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.” – Henrik Ibsen


This quote has resonated deeply over the past three weeks as Muizenberg has rallied in this time of global crisis.

The Muizenberg Community Action Network (CAN) has sprung up and quickly mobilised, volunteers, social workers and others have dedicated their time to helping the vulnerable among us, there is a strong show of support for local businesses that have permits to operate and neighbourhood watch groups have been vigilant to help ensure our safety during this trying time.

Our President has asked us to endure for two more weeks, and although I know this is extremely difficult for many, I’m heartened by how law-abiding the majority of residents and businesses in the MID area have been to date, and how many residents have stepped up to take the helm.

If the past three weeks have shown us anything, it’s that our reality can change in an instant, but also that our community in Muizenberg is strong, resilient and supportive.

Wishing you good health and strength for the remainder of the lockdown.

Peter Corbett


Social Development

The major issue since for MID since the Covid crisis hit South Africa is how to care for Muizenberg’s homeless community. The evening before lockdown, authorities “rounded up” all homeless in the area and beyond. Initially they were placed in the Muizenberg Park and thereafter moved outside Law Enforcement (LE) offices at the Muizenberg Pavilion. While far from ideal, this community of 52 adults and 3 children were well taken care of here by CAN and other volunteers, supported with funding for meals from MID.