Dont LetWe appreciate the support we’ve received from the community and want to encourage you to, where possible, not put your bins out too early/the night before rubbish collection as this may encourage bin pickers to roam the area, often resulting in more rubbish next to the bin than inside the bin.

If you have any goods that you may no longer need, please don’t put it out with your rubbish as this creates an opportunity for vagrants and bin pickers to investigate the contents of your litter and also results in a certain level of expectation that goods of value could be found in the MID area on bin days.

We promote responsible giving and encourage you to make contact with a local charity, of your choice, to arrange for collection or delivery of any household items (food, clothing, furniture, etc.). Below is a short list of organisations that could make use of your unwanted goods and left over food items: