Public Safety

MID Public Safety Patrol Vehicle | Control centre  Tel:  086 107 0000

If residents and visitors are harassed; are victims of crime; or notice suspicious behaviour in public space they can call 086 107 0000 or 021 787 0700. This is a smart phone based in the Mountain Men control room so sms or WhatsApp messages will also be responded to.

The MID Public Safety patrollers only respond in public space and  may not enter private properties in pursuit of suspicious people or for any other reason. Residents are entirely responsible for the security of their own homes and should sign up with a private security company if they want additional protection.

The MID’s top-up public safety measures are focused on making it safe for people to walk in the streets and enjoy public spaces in the Muizenberg Improvement District. These services do not replace those already provided by SAPS, Law Enforcement and Metro Police. Please read the MID Public Safety Statement here

Tips for making your street and public places safer

The MID  holds special member information sessions to provide feedback channels additional to the MID website, the MID Facebook page and newsletters.  Any property owner within the special rated area of the Muizenberg Improvement District can become a member. Members are also welcome to come and engage around particular issues during the public session before each board meeting. To book a slot, please send an email request detailing the issues and concerns you want to raise and the date you would like to attend  to

See dates for the Board Meetings here

Important Contact Numbers

Please report ALL CRIMES to SAPS  021 787 9000 or at the Muizenberg Police Station.  SAPS Emergency 10111.

If you do not report crime incidents, it is difficult for the MID to obtain accurate crime statistics and trends.

Law Enforcement  021 596 1999 (24hrs)   Ambulance 10177   

CITY FAULTS (Street lights out of order, gushing water etc)  can be logged via sms on 31373 or  call 086 010 3089 or email  You can also log on directly to the City of Cape Town website