Help make Muizenberg Safer

11 ways you can be safer

On the Street where you live

Do everything in your power to make your home secure, sign up with an armed response company, talk to your neighbours, have their telephone numbers at hand, create a WhatsApp group and work together to be alert to possible criminal activity.
Criminals have perfected sad stories to tug at the hearts of kind people.  PLEASE don’t make Muizenberg an attractive place for them. Never let a stranger inside your house and be aware that if you give to vagrants you encourage them to keep coming back.

In Public Spaces 

There is a city by-MID flyer illustrationlaw prohibiting harassment in public spaces. This includes intimidating behaviour, verbal abuse, threatening language, uninvited or inappropriate touching and pulling, or someone continuing to follow you after you have said “no”. What to do? Scream loudly to draw attention to what is happening.

Phone the MID Public Safety Control centre Tel: 086 107 0000

The control centre will immediately radio the 24/7 MID Public Safety patrol vehicle to assist or investigate. Or phone Law Enforcement on  021 4807700 (24hrs) or SAPS 021 787 9000

Never leave valuables on the beach or visible in your car while you are swimming or surfing. The shops and restaurants along the beachfront will gladly look after your car keys and wallet.
Please be aware that the informal car guards on the beach front and around the village are not endorsed by the Muizenberg Improvement District. Do not feel obliged to support them with donations.
The Shark Spotters office is on Muizenberg beach and their crew constantly look out for your safety in the water. Please follow instructions from the Shark Spotters and the Life Guards.
Joggers and walkers are sometimes mugged on the scenic walkway along the sea between Muizenberg and St James. You are particularly vulnerable when walking past the underground tunnels below the train tracks. Make sure you only use the walkway at busy times or in a group. If you are jogging, it is better not to wear earphones as this reduces your awareness of what is happening around you.
The mountains above Muizenberg offer excellent hiking but it is never safe to go hiking alone. Sadly, criminals also hang out in the mountains so always hike in a group and carry a baton or stick for protection.
f you give homeless people food, money, alcohol, clothes or mattresses you keep them dependent on hand-outs. The Social Development team at MID actively helps homeless people find shelter and jobs and provides practical support with a range of social problems. Read more here
Read more about the MID Public Safety Service here