This is a success story of one of our homeless who has been on and off Muizenberg streets for nearly a year. We have withheld his name as his son and family had no idea that he was homeless but many locals will know him from sitting outside the library / electricity department with Anni and Norman.

After a failed marriage, he lost everything, including his tools and car and shortly thereafter his job as an auto electrician. In October 2013, he found a position at a workshop in the Free State but this didn’t work out and he returned to Muizenberg in March 2014. He was a regular on the weekend cleaning project and stepped up to manage the team in May 2014.

In June, Trevor spotted a position on Gumtree and encouraged him to apply. Trevor had been employing him on a part time basis for approximately 2 months and realised his potential to solve complex problems. He however was worried about being too old for the position but agreed to apply and Trevor drove him through to an Auto Electrical company based in Somerset West and stood reference for him pointing out all the work he had done on his car.

They made an immediate decision to employ him and Trevor bought him a pair of overalls and a train ticket to start work the very next day. He continued to commute between Muizenberg and Somerset West for the first week (getting up at 4am and returning at 10pm) before the workshop owners realised that he was homeless and offered him a place to stay. His pride prevented him from accepting their offer initially but he then agreed and this week has finally saved enough to move into his own flat today after just one month of working. His battle with alcohol driven by despair and depression may not yet be over but he has made a new start and we will continue to support him as long as required.

Marion Wagner – MID Social Development