During the lockdown many shelters in the city are full to capacity and some are no longer accepting new entrants after the start of the lockdown. The city has pledged to build new sites and increase capacity, but many are still to be completed. The first of these is under the Culemborg bridge and is open. Work has begun on the Belleville site and the Somerset West site is expected to be completed in a week (by 4 April). A number of shelters and the City have advised that homeless persons be directed to these designated sites in the meantime, where staff can assist them. The full list of sites is not available but this document will be updated if and when any more information comes to light.


Below is a list of shelters open (to new entrants if/when there is space) during the lockdown and a list of organisations requesting assistance and where/how you can help support those on the streets during this time. Please call ahead to your nearest shelter to find out if there is space before directing anyone there.


Anyone with more information please get in touch with the Woodstock CAN whatsapp group so that we can keep this document up to date and accurate.


Shelters for homeless people in (or near) Woodstock


  • Culemborg Safe Space. Nelson Mandela Blvd, Foreshore. In the parking lot opposite this shelter is the location for CoCT’s first additional shelter built for the lockdown, opened on 28 March. Contact: Zahid Badroodien, CoCT MayCo Member for Community Services and Health, 072 639 5773.
  • The Haven Shelter in District 6, 20 Selkirk Street. 021 465 1310
  • The Haven Moira Henderson House. 107 Chapel Street, Woodstock. 021 461 25 33 (email: moirahenderson@haven.org.za)


Not on this list are Ons Plek (for the girl street child 021 685 4052/49), Loaves and Fishes (021 448 5900) and St Annes Home (for women and children 0214486792) shelters. They are open, but have confirmed they will not be accepting any new entrants during the lockdown.