Urban Design & Planning Committee – Overview

Urban Design & Planning Committee – Overview Documents

These are the key documents which should be read to be familiar with the intention & subject matter of the MID Urban Design & Planning Committee.

Reference Documents

These are laid out in an order that should get you familiar with the subject matter in a logical order.

  1. City of Cape Town IDP 2022-2027 IDP Overview
  2. City of Cape Town Policies, Frameworks and Guidelines Portal
  3. District Plans (we are the Southern District)
    1. Technical Report (Vol. 2)
    2. Exec. Summary (Vol. 2 Summary)
    3. Implementation Plan (Vol. 3)
  4. Examples of Local Area Spatial Development Frameworks
  5. Community-Driven Planning – Principles and Procedures

Committee Documents

MID Kick-Off Meeting Notes (with CoCT)

Report #1 – Publicly-Owned Property Report

Reference Maps

These are three different maps, all providing different perspectives.