Cleaning & Maintenance



The new cleaning team receiving on-the-job training and familiarising themsleves with the area this week, under the supervision and guidance of Noel Fradie – GRIT Operations Manager.

In July 2017 the Muizenberg Improvement District implemented a public safety strategy by including the street cleaning and maintenance services as part of the GRIT Security Services contract.

The role of the cleaning team is to provide top-up services already provided by the City of Cape Town, whilst also working closely with the public safety patrollers to report suspicious activity and threats to public safety in the MID area. Additional “eyes and ears” on the streets bolsters public safety capacity, and similarly public safety officers can quickly help report on and address cleaning issues.

MID’s cleaning services focusses on the following responsibilities:

  • Litter management in public streets and MID maintained gardens
  • Sweeping streets and gutter systems in public space
  • Report of environmental threats to public health and safety via the City’s C3 notification
  • Assist with cleaning and greening projects & painting over tagging in the Church Road subway and the Atlantic Road bridge


The cleaning schedule can be viewed here.


In 2015 and 2016, the MID ran weekend cleaning projects to complement weekday cleaning services. The project ended in October 2016 and funds were redirected to provide social development services, read more here.  

A bi-annual infrastructure audit is compiled by MID to ensure that all issues and faults are documented and reported to relevant City departments for action. Residents are also encouraged to make use of the City’s C3 notification system whereby they can log infrastructure and maintenance problems for themselves.


To log a request or complaint on the C3 Notification system you can do one of the following:

Call 086 010 3089 – City’s Call Centre
SMS 31373 (no more than 160 characters)
Or log on directly to

You are then given a reference number, which allows you to follow up on the complaint. The notification will be closed as soon as the complaint has been dealt with. The system enables the City to measure how long it took to deal with complaints, as an indicator of service delivery success and improvement over time.

The City’s Solid Waste team collects all the waste at designated locations in the MID area and removes waste from green litter bins. This department is also responsible for the removal of illegal dumping, residential and business refuse collection.

We urge residents to please report illegal dumping to the City on 0860103089. The City is prompt to respond and will issue fines for illegal dumping.

City of Cape Town Solid Waste Drop-off Sites

Read the monthly Cleaning & Maintenance Reports here