Responsible Giving and Practical Support

Social Development

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In terms of Social and Economic Development, the MID plays a facilitation, enablement and oversight role, ensuring that the appropriate services from the City are availed of by the needy in the area. The MID also supports the many NGO’s operating in Muizenberg, extending our own abilities, and working to enable these NGO’s, with networks, advice, donations (where board-approved).

How can you respond to someone in need?
The MID promotes responsible giving and practical support to street people. Providing money or basic needs to people sleeping rough fuels addiction and can cause chronic homelessness. The kindest way to assist someone in need on the streets is to put them in touch with professional support services. You can do this by direting them to the U-turn centre on Killarney Road or by providing them with a Mi-change voucher.

If you see a homeless person in distress, you can also contact the City’s dedicated call centre for homelessness on 0800 872 201 for assistance.

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