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MID Public Safety

During the month of March the MID public safety patrollers responded to two incidents of couples fighting in public. In the one case, a couple fighting while walking to their home in the Village, and in the other case, two car guards. In both cases the victims refused assistance and walked away with their partners. […]

MID Atlantic Road

At the beginning of May, MID Chair Marion Wagner took time out to speak to a group of residents at Eventide about personal safety in Muizenberg and managing security challenges. Eventide faces onto Atlantic Road in Muizenberg and residents therefore experience firsthand the challenges of homelessness, informal car guards, vagrants and day strollers / children […]


Muizenberg’s beachfront parking area has been a hot topic for several years now. From a business and tourism viewpoint, the parking area is the “first impression” for visitors, and ideally that impression should be a positive one. Most visitors welcome car guards keeping an eye on their vehicles while they visit the beach and surrounds […]