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MID Social Development

Social development, “Give a Hand-Up, not a Hand-Out”, within the MID requires a transversal approach. Social development challenges along with inadequate transformation and support services, permeate throughout the streets of Cape Town.  Zone in on Muizenberg, and you will see small clusters where this is also reflected in the fabric of the homeless community living […]

Muizenberg Tourism

“We need to move forward as a collective, making progress together” was the statement made by Cllr. Eddie Andrews when addressing the tourism stakeholders in Muizenberg, discussing the development of a tourism route for the South. This year PRASA partnered with City and various other stakeholders, including MID, to highlight what Muizenberg has to offer […]

MID Universal Access BISO

A distressed resident contacted the MID towards the end of 2014, creating awareness of the accessibility challenges faced on certain areas of the Atlantic Road sidewalk. “I cannot propel my wheelchair over it and outings towards the beach and sea are always curtailed for me in that direction!” There has been slight improvements since then, […]

Together We Can Avoid Day Zero - City

This is the question that we should all be asking ourselves. Would we rather work together and defeat Day Zero by saving water now or allow ourselves to be defeated and queue for hours on end to access water? Queueing for water. A logistical nightmare that will further marginalise communities, disable the vulnerable and negatively […]

MID Beach Huts

MID met with City Coastal Management on Tuesday 03 October to discuss the process regarding the future of the 48 huts on the Muizenberg coastline. These are the next steps and your input is required! Engagement with the City The City now invites ideas and proposals for how the huts can be used in a […]

MID Crime Prevention Article

MID Public Safety joined forces with the City, SAPS, Law Enforcement and Traffic recently to conduct 2 operations (15 May and 2 June) in and around Muizenberg Park. The objectives were to remove illegally erected structures from the park, conduct high visibility patrols in the surrounding area, and focus on crime prevention. In just one […]

Chrysalis Graduates

As a Special Rates Area, Muizenberg Improvement District receives a fixed annual income which is predominantly spent on key top-up services like public safety, social development cleaning and environmental upliftment. But the value of a Special Rates Area is about more than just allocating a budget to services each year: it’s about maximizing the potential […]