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Stagnant Water and Mosquitos

Dear Residents and Interested Parties Please note that Mosquitos do have the ability to transmit disease. Cape Town is clear of many of the major diseases, but due to climate change and evolution when there is an excess of one species, disease can occur. Let’s not be caught out by the poor management of the […]

Muizenberg Litter

Regular beach clean-ups, through community and stakeholder collaboration, has emphasized the impact of pollutants on the environment.  This collaboration has since allowed for redirection of valuable resources to aid in the management of the natural environment that surrounds the Muizenberg Improvement District (MID) area. One such area where resources have been redirected to is “Styrofoam […]

MID Unsung Heroes of the South - Solid Waste Group Photo

Few would believe that a Solid Waste department could be harbouring heroes, but the men and women of the Two Oceans Solid Waste Area are living proof that inspiration and leadership can exist wherever people believe in what they are doing and go the extra mile. Courtenay, Phumi, Staff and Phumza pictured here, are four […]