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Muizenberg Tourism

“We need to move forward as a collective, making progress together” was the statement made by Cllr. Eddie Andrews when addressing the tourism stakeholders in Muizenberg, discussing the development of a tourism route for the South. This year PRASA partnered with City and various other stakeholders, including MID, to highlight what Muizenberg has to offer […]

MID Seniors Visit to Muizenberg

It was an early start to an extraordinary day for one hundred senior citizens, dressed in their best, from Heideveld, Netreg, Woodstock, Eersteriver and Lavender Hill as they made their way to Muizenberg. A programme arranged by Rail Tourism, Metrorail Area South and MID. “I’ve not seen the ocean in 23 years!” recounted one of […]

MID Public Safety

During the month of March the MID public safety patrollers responded to two incidents of couples fighting in public. In the one case, a couple fighting while walking to their home in the Village, and in the other case, two car guards. In both cases the victims refused assistance and walked away with their partners. […]

MID / Metrorail Clean-up

In response to the recent spate of opportunistic criminal  activity on the Muizenberg / St. James catwalk, MID and Metrorail have been cooperating quite closely to look at “red flag zones” in need of attention – both to aid visibility in the area for walkers, and to limit spaces available for opportunistic criminals to hide. […]

Chrysalis Graduates

As a Special Rates Area, Muizenberg Improvement District receives a fixed annual income which is predominantly spent on key top-up services like public safety, social development cleaning and environmental upliftment. But the value of a Special Rates Area is about more than just allocating a budget to services each year: it’s about maximizing the potential […]

George Kiewiets (Special Projects for Western Cape) and Shaun Davids (Signal Regional Manager)

To the general delight of Muizenberg residents and road users, Albertyn Road level crossing was opened to traffic again on Saturday 18 February, and is now being manned for safe crossing between the hours of 06h00 and 18h00 daily. MID request that ALL road users proceed with caution and patience at this level crossing, and […]