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Believe in Schatzi Accessibility Challenge highlights the disabling obstruction caused by signage in Atlantic Road.

Megan Cross and Kevin Rack of MID are on a mission! There’s a lot of building and maintenance going on in and around Muizenberg – improvements (which is nice) or fixes (which are needed) – but the big question is “are these improvements compliant with building regulations – are they UNIVERSALLY ACCESSIBLE?” And this is […]


The City of Cape Town offers a free recycling service in some suburbs in Cape Town – it’s called “Think Twice”, and it makes the whole prospect of recycling so much easier: separate your recyclables, put them out on the same day as your other rubbish, and they’re collected by a recycling contractor. Unfortunately the […]

MID Beach Huts

Tuesday 1 August saw much speculation on social media platforms amidst rumours that the Muizenberg beach huts are to be removed. MID rushed to verify this information with the City, and has received clarification on the matter as follows: “Beach bathing huts at Surfers’ Corner will definitely remain a part of the Muizenberg experience” – […]

MID Team Report All Crime

With the most recent Muizenberg / St. James walkway attacks, the importance of reporting crime to SAPS and laying a charge has come to the fore once again. In an article published on IOL about the attacks recently, MCSI Chair Trevor Snyders was quoted as saying “A number of members have been attacked in the […]

MID Team Muizenberg Place To Be

Our beautiful suburb has so many facets worthy of appreciation! Just one of these is its fascinating history, and we are fortunate enough to have a group well-versed in its origins and anecdotes in the form of the Muizenberg Historical Conservation Society. On 1 May the group hosted a Walkabout and Quiz – aimed at […]

MID Atlantic Road

At the beginning of May, MID Chair Marion Wagner took time out to speak to a group of residents at Eventide about personal safety in Muizenberg and managing security challenges. Eventide faces onto Atlantic Road in Muizenberg and residents therefore experience firsthand the challenges of homelessness, informal car guards, vagrants and day strollers / children […]


An Improvement District thrives on strong partnerships in an active community. Muizenberg Community Safety Initiative (MCSI) is one of our key public safety partners. Originally conceived as “more than a neighbourhood watch” MCSI offers the community a variety of ways to benefit, and get involved in building a safer community, including: WhatsApp Alerts: Members can […]


MID is pleased to announce that on 05 April 2017 final approval was received from the City of Cape Town for the incorporation of the “Wherry Road Triangle” into the MID area. The Triangle includes the properties between Clevedon, Cromer, Henley & Wherry Roads. Residents from the old MID area as well as the Triangle […]

MID universal accessibility

Muizenberg would like to welcome ALL people to our beautiful recreational areas – but sometimes this falls flat because of unthinking actions. Parking on a pedestrian crossing may not seem like the worst thing in the world on a busy Sunday morning when the beachfront is packed and parking spaces are scarce as hens’ teeth […]

Muizenberg Festival

The Muizenberg Festival The Muizenberg Festival has grown into a major event in the Cape Town entertainment diary and showcases the very best of what Muizenberg has to offer, as well as the community-minded spirit of its organizers whose ethos is to build ties across communities, support and grow local enterprises, and create a year-round […]

Before! Visit the Surfers Circle at Muizenberg Surfers Corner to see what it looks like today.

On Sunday 19 March, surfing pioneers and legends will be honoured at the Surfers’ Circle Walk of Fame in Muizenberg at Surfers’ Corner. It’s a Proudly South African – Proudly feminist – Proudly Muizenberg moment to learn that the first South African ever recorded riding a wave standing up on a surfboard was a woman, […]

Pruning in Milner Road.

Imagine 1700 black bags of rubbish loose on the streets of Muizenberg, blowing in the wind down streets, onto the beach, into Zandvlei… That’s the number of bags of litter and sand collected and removed by MID’s cleaning and greening top-up service during the month of February 2017 alone! NCC Environmental Services is the service […]

2017©maryatta wegerif //www.maryattawegerif.com

Muizenberg Improvement District recognizes that the social, environmental and hygiene challenges posed by the homeless living on Atlantic Road are real, problematic and untenable. MID is continuing to apply increased pressure at the only point where a change can be effected in the long-term: The City of Cape Town. In the long run the City, […]

MID Crime Prevention Article

The Muizenberg Improvement District formally submitted the below letter to the Community Policing Forum, objecting to the R100 million rand Muizenberg SAPS upgrade.   02 March 2017 Frank Bokhorst Chairperson Muizenberg CPF cpf.muizenberg@gmail.com Dear Frank, Re: Proposed Muizenberg Police Station Upgrade The Muizenberg Improvement District (MID) hereby strongly objects to the R100m proposed Muizenberg Police […]

MID Give A Hand Up Kite Festival

According to The Big Issue “The most important needs of marginalised adults are employment and dignity”. The Kite Festival and Muizenberg Improvement District are playing a successful part in fulfilling this need and it’s working well for everyone. Holding such a big event in the area can place a lot of stress on the suburb, […]

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On Wednesday 25 January Muizenberg’s Improvement District joined forces with the City and the Department of Social Development to conduct a joint field operation to identify street people and street children in our area. The team of 16 consisted of Marion Thomas (MID Social Worker), Kevin Rack (MID Social Development Director), Rudy-Leigh Eksteen (City Street […]

Photograph Courtesy of Bruce Sutherland, City of Cape Town

There was an air of optimism among the new MID board, which consists of Marion Wagner, Kevin Rack, Toby Megaw, Karen Hultzer and Heidi Goodman; all active community volunteers who have engaged in various activities on the Muizenberg Improvement District (MID) and within the community for several years. They are eager to get down to […]

MID borders

APPLICATION TO THE CITY OF CAPE TOWN TO AMEND THE MUIZENBERG IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT BOUNDARY (MID) TO INCLUDE THE WHERRY ROAD TRIANGLE AREA (CLEVEDON, CROMER, HENLEY & WHERRY ROADS). The MID Board is pleased to advise that the City has verified the consent obtained, 62%, for the boundary extension. The application to amend the boundary of […]

Beach Clean-up & MMM1-Dec14

Muizenberg Improvement District recently partnered with Clean C to facilitate monthly beach clean-ups at Muizenberg. These beach clean-ups include MID’s homeless weekend cleaning team, supervised by Sihsy Selenge. All bags, gloves and hand sanitiser is sponsored by Clean C. The second beach clean up took place on the evening of 6 December in collaboration with the […]


Cape Mental Health held their 20th Cape Town International Kite Festival on 1st and 2nd November and kindly accepted the MID offer to use our homeless to support the cleaning exercise. At 07h30, on the morning of the 1st November, a team of 10 gathered at the Atlantic Road Clinic office ready to commit to […]