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MID Social Development

“I left home at the age of 14 due to abuse and have been living on the streets ever since.  I want to go to rehab and be a better parent for my child, but I am afraid that I may never see my children again if I go to rehab.” A young adult, sharing […]

MID Social Development

Social development, “Give a Hand-Up, not a Hand-Out”, within the MID requires a transversal approach. Social development challenges along with inadequate transformation and support services, permeate throughout the streets of Cape Town.  Zone in on Muizenberg, and you will see small clusters where this is also reflected in the fabric of the homeless community living […]

MID Social Development

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” – Maya Angelou.  Reflecting upon the work of social development we see many faces, […]

MID Social Grant

An identity document (ID) is a legal requirement in order to access many government services in South Africa.  Yet the Department of Home Affairs remains inaccessible for many destitute street people.   Limiting access to social service grants, housing applications and employment opportunities. The MID, to date, assisted fifteen homeless individuals with access to an […]


We encourage you to consider partnering with MID Social Development for event clean-up and set-up support. Giving a hand-up, not a hand-out. Herewith a letter received from Cape Mental Health (CMH) in recognition of the cleaning and set-up support services facilitated by MID, creating job opportunities for local residents living on the streets of Muizenberg. […]

Gary Theron aka Donald Redditt

The Muizenberg Improvement District operates in public space, and therefore public safety refers to improving the safety of ALL people engaging with the public space environment. On Friday 29 September, Gary Theron, a homeless Muizenberg resident for more than ten years, left us with a powerful message. The lack of response from government services when […]

MID Social Development

The MID Social Development team are living proof of the truism “you can eat an elephant – just do it one bite at a time”. Social issues and their solutions are complex for many reasons: They stem from so many factors including physical, physiological, psychological, economic, historic, etc. They involve human beings – each one […]

MID Storm Outreach

The mother of all storms hit Cape Town this past week, shocking everyone after a very mild lead-up to winter. Temperatures plummeted and by Wednesday afternoon in addition to rain and wind, it was even hailing in Muizenberg. At 17h25 on Wednesday MID received a report, via local neighbourhood watch group MCSI, that a woman […]

MID Atlantic Road

At the beginning of May, MID Chair Marion Wagner took time out to speak to a group of residents at Eventide about personal safety in Muizenberg and managing security challenges. Eventide faces onto Atlantic Road in Muizenberg and residents therefore experience firsthand the challenges of homelessness, informal car guards, vagrants and day strollers / children […]

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Muizenberg Improvement District recognizes that the social, environmental and hygiene challenges posed by the homeless living on Atlantic Road are real, problematic and untenable. MID is continuing to apply increased pressure at the only point where a change can be effected in the long-term: The City of Cape Town. In the long run the City, […]

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On Wednesday 25 January Muizenberg’s Improvement District joined forces with the City and the Department of Social Development to conduct a joint field operation to identify street people and street children in our area. The team of 16 consisted of Marion Thomas (MID Social Worker), Kevin Rack (MID Social Development Director), Rudy-Leigh Eksteen (City Street […]

Give Responsibly - Make A Real Difference

Give Responsibly, and make a real difference by giving a hand up and not a hand out. One frequently reads messages from the City and various NGO’s about not giving money or goods directly to homeless or street people/children. But this approach can be hard to understand when confronted with an individual’s obvious need, and […]

CITY OF CAPE TOWN 24 NOVEMBER 2014 STATEMENT BY THE CITY’S MAYORAL COMMITTEE MEMBER FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT AND EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT, COUNCILLOR SUZETTE LITTLE With the festive season upon us, I would like to issue an appeal to the public to refrain from giving hand-outs to people begging on the streets. In recent years we’ve […]