Simon Roberts Chairman

I am a relative newcomer to Muizenberg. I’ve fallen in love with the laid-back atmosphere and diverse cross-section of people I get to meet on my 5-minute walk home from a surf. If I’m not drawing pictures of some new project or idea, you will find me drinking coffee at Joon’s, a beer at the market (preferably a dark one) or running along the mountain enjoying the natural beauty. Muizenberg has been a special place for me in my own journey, and it should be a special place for all visitors and residents!



Clair Timlin Gardens Portfolio

I‘m fortunate to live work and “play” in and around Muizenberg. Living in this amazing environment amongst the most awesome community I feel privileged to give back a little with greening being a passion that I’m able to share and make a difference in a valuable way!





Mike Romyn Beachfront Portfolio

I live, work, surf and invest in Muizenberg.  I will be working hard with the council and business owners to constantly improve the beachfront area for both locals and tourists.





Phinius Sebatsane Social Development Portfolio

I am a socio economic activist. I studied journalism, marketing, leadership, community development and governance and economics. I am originally from Limpopo, Vaalwater but now live in Muizenberg as a missionary working with people experiencing homelessness and victims of gangsterism and human trafficking. I do spiritual care/trauma counseling in prison and gang interventions and family reunification in the Cape Flats with different NGOS. I am now a vulnerable group representative in Muizenberg with the city of Cape Town. I am the founder of Rea Thusana Foundation, an organization that works with the marginalized in Cape Town offering relief, rehabilitation and development to abused and homeless women. 

Brings to the MID:

I bring a holistic approach when it comes to working with vulnerable communities on the street, prison, and the Cape Flats. I will be assisting the MID with the Social Development portfolio. 



Karen Tulloch Business, Economic and Beachfront Portfolio

Karen has over 20 years experience as a professional in the residential, industrial, retail, and commercial property industry.

Karen is the property manager for Rawsons Properties who are leaders in the property and development industry. Rawson Properties manage 11 commercial units along the Surfers corner, Muizenberg beach front.  Having lived in Muizenberg, Karen is passionate about the area, and believes a pro-active and disciplined approach to management is imperative to ensure the smooth running of the district across all aspects, these aspects include social development, public safety and environment needs which also go hand in hand to promote tourism and economic growth.



Jesse Adonis Public Safety Portfolio

I live, work, chill and surf Muizenberg. I aim, alongside our community, to build and maintain a safe and responsive space that allows our residents and visitors the ability to enjoy Muizenberg all year round.