CleaningDuring the Festive Season MID ran a weekend cleaning pilot project under the social development mandate which also complimented the cleaning and maintenance mandate of the improvement district.

This pilot project saw between 3 – 7 homeless people collect litter on Saturday and Sunday mornings to compliment the efforts of NCC (our weekday cleaning contractor) and Solid Waste who also had a 24/7 shift operating during this period.

Within the first 8 days of this pilot, 480 black bags of rubbish were collected. The team’s compensation for their hard work was Checkers vouchers (purchasing of alcohol and airtime was prohibited with this voucher and enforced by Checkers).

It was encouraging to see the enthusiasm with which the team operating, often collecting maggot filled rubbish and residential waste dumped on the side walk. Since the team’s involvement we’ve notices an increase level of pride and overall desire to contribute to further positive development initiatives in Muizenberg.

Below pictures of work done in Church Street: