Appeal from Marion Wagner, MID Social Development Director:

image008As you may have noticed, Muizenberg is experiencing an influx of new homeless people and many are supported by well-intentioned actions of volunteers / students who may not understand that handouts encourage many to remain on the streets and in particular – Atlantic Road.




The neighbourhood watch have also observed some volunteers putting themselves at risk by feeding some of the homeless that are well-known drug dealers and criminals. Recently the neighbourhood watch spoke with 2 young volunteers at 02h00 who had no idea of their vulnerability.

I am happy to explain options available to volunteers who would like to help and have emailed the chair of the 2 local neighbourhood watches, the MID public safety director, Chair, Manager and Stakeholder Engagement Director, Chair of the Community Police Forum, SAPS, Law Enforcement, MID Security, Dept. of Social Development, a local experienced social worker and Safer Together.

Please contact me if you would like to arrange for your volunteers/students to attend either a late afternoon or evening or weekend morning awareness session.

Marion Wagner
Social Development Director
Tel: 081 425 0685