Keeping Muizenberg Clean

The role of the cleaning team within the Muizenberg Improvement District is to provide a street cleaning service in conjunction with the Solid Waste team from the City of Cape Town. We clean most of the streets within the MID area; as well as do litter pickups, painting over graffiti, painting of walls (council property), cleaning of the MID security cameras, reporting of C3’s and any other incidental jobs which require attention.

A few streets are supposedly the responsibility of the COCT but where the job isn’t satisfactory our team rectify it (Main, Beach, Atlantic and York Roads). Please note we are not responsible for the area beyond Beach Road towards the sea – the COCT maintains those areas.

The MID is divided up into five areas, we deep clean one area per day of the week and do a general clean up in the four other areas on the same day. The busier roads within the MID area are cleaned twice a week. Other areas which receive attention are the subway in Church road, the alley ways which run alongside the railway line in both York road and in between Sidmouth and Beach roads. The gardens within the MID area are cleared of any litter.


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