The Muizenberg Festival

The Muizenberg Festival has grown into a major event in the Cape Town entertainment diary and showcases the very best of what Muizenberg has to offer, as well as the community-minded spirit of its organizers whose ethos is to build ties across communities, support and grow local enterprises, and create a year-round platform where Muizenbergers can collaborate, co-operate, and celebrate.

The Muizenberg Festival has no branding or sponsorship and is entirely run by local and international volunteers. The obvious advantage of this is that the usual constraints of commercial enterprise are avoided, allowing creativity and spontaneity their maximum breathing space. But it also means that the Muizenberg Festival is always searching for talent and funding to make it all happen!

Come to the Concert in the Park

This weekend, Sunday 26 Mar 14h00-18h00 the Muizenberg Festival organizers will be hosting a fundraising Concert in the Park featuring local artists including Crimson House, Ann Jangle, Black South Easter and Los Tacos. The sloping lawns of Muizenberg Park, overlooking False Bay, are an ideal venue for a chilled afternoon of music with friends and family, and a picnic. And one of the great things about Muizenberg events is that “anything goes” so if you’re into relaxing and watching things unfold, or you’re in the mood for dancing, if you’re young or you’re old: this is the event for you! (Tickets from Quicket)

Muizenberg Improvement District has partnered with The Muizenberg Festival since its inception to provide top-up cleaning and public safety services to ensure its success, and it’s been a pleasure to work with this creative but highly organized group. We’ll be working with them again for the 2017 event and look forward to it.

Get involved with the team!

Because the festival depends on individuals and organizations in the community it is also looking for collaborators and volunteers – if you’ve always wondered how it all happens and how you could get involved there is a Festival meeting on Thursday 23 Mar 18h00 at the Hive, to which all are welcome. Being a part of this team is not only a great opportunity to use the talents that you have, but also to develop new ones – these guys have great vision and capability!

For more information visit the Muizenberg Festival website.