Wary of pseudo bin pickers casing out your street and tired of bin pickers making a mess outside of your house but want to help somehow? Now you can!

MCSI RecyclingMuizenberg Community Safety Initiative member, Toby Megaw has started a practical recycling plan called the MCSI Recycling Co-op that can work if  residents and bin pickers buy into it.

You simply take your recyclable dry waste to a collection point by 08h30 each Tuesday. No need to do any major sorting – just bag it and and take it to the trailers parked at 10 Holland Rd or the orange and white bakkie on the corner of Arthur & Cromer Roads.

The waste is taken to the cemetery gates on Prince Georges Drive at 9am where bin pickers can come and collect it. They will sort it and make money from it at scrap merchants in Vrygrond.

At the moment the MCSI recycling effort is no competition for the over-flowing bins on Wednesdays. But once there is enough support  from residents and bin pickers, the drop off at Prince Georges Drive will move to Wednesdays. This means bin-pickers won’t have to trundle all the way into central Muizenberg to get the waste and there will be no reason for them to be on our streets.

List of waste suitable for this recycling project:

  • Cardboard
  • All metals (tin cans)
  • Glass
  • Newspaper
  • Printed photostat type paper
  • Old Clothes
  • Broken Appliances
  • Soft plastic
  • Hard plastic but not codes 1 and 5
Crinkly plastic bags
Disposable nappies
If in doubt, rather leave it out and ask


How you can help

  • Bring your waste for recycling
  • Spread the word to bin-pickers Very NB
  • Create a depot for your street from which we collect
  • Join the management group to help build the project
For more info, please call Toby Megaw
Cell           +27 71 473 0496

Land line    +27 21 788 2333