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The Muizenberg Improvement District supplements normal municipal services, working in collaboration with the City of Cape Town and a variety of organisations to:

The model of the improvement district comes from the United States where city improvement districts were formed to combat inner city decay. The concept is simple but effective. An area is demarcated, a business plan and budget is proposed to the ratepayers in this precinct and a majority vote of by property owners establishes the project.

As a property owner within the MID, the levy you pay is proportional to the value of your property. In the MID, levies are low (domestic properties range from R50 – R300 per month). While this means that the MID has limited resources compared to some of the larger improvement districts, the board uses the funds strategically and thoughtfully so that your contribution feeds directly into tangible improvements and services.

Please click the Service drop down menu for details of the cleaning programme and collaborative actions that are transforming the beachfront, greening public spaces, enabling the MID to keep close track of over-crowded and derelict buildings, and finding innovative solutions to the plight of the homeless who live on our streets.